Watt about the comments?

My previous post was a general discussion about how one cannot use temperature anomaly data to claim that there has been a pause in global warming since the mid 1990s. You can read the post for yourself, but the main reasons are the errors in the best-fit linear trend to the data mean that we can neither claim (with 95% confidence) that there has been warming, nor claim that there has not. Furthermore, understanding whether or not global warming is taking place requires considering the global surface temperatures, the heat content of the oceans, and the polar ice caps. Basing it on temperature anomaly data only is simplistic and indicates a significant misunderstanding of what the term global warming actually means. A post two days ago on Watts Up With That referred to Fireworks in the EU parliament over the pause in global warming.

I don’t want to comment on the post as such, given that my previous post makes it clear that one cannot claim that there has been any pause. What I was going to draw your attention to (assuming anyone reads this) are some of the comments. Not only do many make the claim that there has been no warming since the mid-1990s, when a few try to make sensible comments about the validity of these statements, the responses they get are rather forceful to say the least. One commentator in particular, who comments under the name richardscourtney, makes some rather unpleasant statements; accusing them of being “trolls”, that they “ignore reality”, and make “false claims”. Of course, when accused of trying to “silence the troll” he vehemently denies that he’s doing any such thing. I assume – but cannot say for certain – that richardscourtney is the Richard S Courtney discussed on DeSmogBlog.com. Given, that I blog anonymously I don’t really feel that it is fair for me to say too much more about what I think of richardscourtney and his comments. If, however, you would like to get some idea of what he regards as a suitable manner in which to engage in a discussion about climate change, I would encourage you to read through some of the comments on the WUWT post linked to at the beginning of this post.

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