Watt about the 400ppm?

There’s already been quite a lot said about the fact the CO2 measurements at Mauna Loa are now regularly above 400 ppm. Unfortunately, in my opionion, Watts Up With That (WUWT) has a post called Mauna Loa hits 400 ppm of CO2, alarmists wail and gnash teeth, Earth survives. Well, yes it is just a number. In a mathematical sense, it has the same significance as 399 ppm or 401 ppm. However, we do see significance in round numbers like 400, when compared to numbers like 399 or 401. Noone was suggesting that something dramatic was about to happen when it reached 400 ppm. It is, however, the highest level in human history.

I may write something more about these CO2 levels in due course, but all I really wanted to say was that I find it really disturbing that WUWT seems to revel in anything that so-called “alarmists” find concerning. They’re reveling in the rise of COs. The see it as good because plants will thrive! Phil Plait has really good article over at Bad Astronomy explaining, very clearly, why increasing levels of CO2 is almost certainly not going to be good for plants. I’m not convinced that all at WUWT believe that increased CO2 will be good for plants. I think much of this is simply a group of people who will oppose everything that “alarmists” regard as concerning. It seems remarkably childish.

Anthony Watts is considering T-shirts saying “I survived 400ppm”. I hope he does produce such T-shirts. It seems clear, to me at least, that it will be obvious very soon that we should be very concerned about global warming and associated climate change. I’d predict that very few of those who buy these T-shirts will be willing to wear them in public in 5-years time.

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5 Responses to Watt about the 400ppm?

  1. Lars Karlsson says:

    Watts should simply sell T-shirts with the text “I’M AN IDIOT”. It would cover any situation.

  2. Indeed, he could make it reversible. It could say “I survived 400 ppm” on one side and “I’m an idiot” on the other. That way they wouldn’t need to throw it away when it becomes obvious that their currents view are clearly wrong.

  3. Rachel says:

    I haven’t heard the “good for plants” angle before. Warmer temperatures will also be good for all the insects that love eating plants. I’m from Brisbane and the place is crawling with them! I shudder to think what sort of insects will plague our warmer planet. I hope I’m dead and gone by then.

  4. Also, I get the impression that the increase in ocean acidification is a fairly robust result. I would like to think that most would agree that acidifying our oceans is a bad idea, but you never can tell.

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