A lighter moment!

Haven’t really had time for a post today and there’s nothing that I particularly feel like writing about at the moment (that could all change though). Instead I thought I would simply post the following cartoon. I don’t know who to credit, so apologies for not doing so. Happy to give proper credit if anyone can let me know who deserves it (thanks to Marco who has pointed out that it is a cartoon by Joel Pett). I’m sure most have seen it before, so it won’t be new, but it does seem somewhat appropriate given the content of most of my blog posts.

Credit : Joel Pett

Credit : Joel Pett

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6 Responses to A lighter moment!

  1. Skeptikal says:

    Ha Ha Ha… that really shows the mentality of the kind of people who attend climate summits.

  2. I think many others interpret it in a somewhat more subtle and different way 🙂

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