Rachel Maddow

A tweet from Rachel Maddow reminded me that I’d seen a clip of her after Obama’s re-election that had to be one of the most moving and insightful political/social comments/speeches I’d ever seen. I know it’s old (and maybe you’ve all already seen it), but it encapsulates all that is wrong with today’s politics (and with today’s policy making). Maybe I’m also biased, but I can’t imagine a right-wing commentator making such a speech. She’s encouraging the “opponents” to get their act together because we need more than one side to be dealing with the real problems that we face. I don’t live in the US anymore, so haven’t seen much of Rachel Maddow but if this is a fair representation of her insights, she must be one of the most effective political commentators around at the moment. We need more like her – on all sides of the debate – as far as I’m concerned.

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5 Responses to Rachel Maddow

  1. dana1981 says:

    Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow back-to-back on MSNBC are the only cable TV news programs worth watching, IMO. Hayes is the only one that fairly regularly talks about climate.

    Unfortunately the Republican Party still hasn’t stepped up to the plate to propose solutions to our problems, except maybe illegal immigration, because they got their clocks cleaned by the minority vote in 2012. I guess we need to figure out how to make the same thing happen with the climate vote.

  2. Rachel says:

    She’s got a great name. Of course she’s going to be giving great speeches. 😉

  3. Yes, that may be what we should hope for. Bit sad, though, that we need to rely on a major political party realising that it needs to take this seriously if it is to get more votes, rather than relying on them to actually consider the evidence and then make decisions based on what is likely to be best for those they represent and for the world as a whole. Maybe this is just today’s political reality, but it is still rather depressing.

  4. Yeah it’s sad – our political system is broken. Frankly we can thank Fox News, the Tea Party, etc.

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