Watt about the 50 to 1?

Been a little busy today, so to “celebrate” what seems to be the completion of the 50-to-1 video – announced by Anthony Watts in a recent WUWT post – I thought I would reblog something I wrote a few months ago about the 50-to-1 calculation. If the calculation is anything to go by, the video is presumably complete nonsense. To be fair, I haven’t watched it, so can’t say for sure.

Wotts Up With That Blog

The lead post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) is one called help launch climate skeptic film project: 50 to 1. The post is asking for financial support for an Australian film project that aims to show that trying to stop climate change is 50 times more expensive that simply adapting to it. Okay, so I think these kind of claims are extremely dangerous, but let’s simply look at the calculation that is being used to make this claim.

The calculation was done by one Lord Christopher Monckton. Many would regard this alone as sufficient evidence to suggest that it is nonsense, but let’s carry on regardless. To be fair, I can’t see any particular error in his arithmetic. What does he do? Well the calculation is based on the proposed Australian CO2 tax. The claim is that, at best, it will reduce emissions by 5%. Australia only…

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8 Responses to Watt about the 50 to 1?

  1. The video doesn’t go into any detail. It just repeats the 50-to-1 and “it will cost quadrillions of dollars” claims, and then refers people to the website to see the details of the calculation. The video doesn’t even mention Monckton at all. It includes snippets of interviews with deniers like Morano, Jo Nova, Watts, etc., who all just take the bogus calculation for granted and say we should therefore just sit back and let climate change happen and pay to adapt to it.

    It’s really a joke. In keeping with the amateurish nature of the video and mathematical basis, they released it on a Sunday of a 3-day weekend, which is great because it minimizes the impact of the video. My hope is that this thing flies under the radar so I don’t have to waste the effort debunking this utter nonsense.

  2. Well like I said on Sou’s blog most of the arguments in that video is material that I already talked about in my project “Climate Changes, But Facts Don’t: Debunking Monckton“. With some subtle difference here and there but it looks like the same material and arguments were used that Monckton uses.

    The way he calculated the costs, the calculations of the benefits, underestimating the climate sensitivity, underestimating the consequences, and again putting forward the argument that a single country can’t make a difference so a country shouldn’t do anything hint at that.

    Most of it isn’t anywhere near a valid and well argued argument. It ignores so much of what we known about the costs, benefits, and the science itself.

  3. Good thing my readership isn’t sufficient to make much of a difference in how much exposure it gets 🙂

  4. Don’t sell yourself short, you were mentioned on SkS. That should have given you some more readership. 😉

  5. Oh yes, that’s certainly helping, but still not in the same league as WUWT. Not complaining mind you 🙂

  6. BBD says:

    Sou makes the point that this video is in effect electioneering propaganda – for Tony Abbott in the forthcoming Australian election. Looks like the Watties who contributed were somewhat fleeced.

  7. Thanks. Your videos are really very good and very well referenced.

  8. Well the only problem with that is that they take a lot more time to write and make than my blog posts. I really need to finish the script for my next video…

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