Tim Minchin – Storm

Yesterday, I tweeted a link to a Graduation speech by Tim Minchin. Tim Minchin is one of a current group of comedians who seem to be remarkably scientifically literate (David Mitchell and Dara O’Briain are two others who spring to mind). For a bit of light-hearted relief, I thought I would post an animated movie, called Storm, written and narrated by Tim Minchin. I think, technically, it’s actually what’s called a beat poem. I think it’s both amusing and very good. It does, however, contain some rather choice language, so if you’re easily offended, maybe you won’t appreciate it as much as I do and should avoid watching it.

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11 Responses to Tim Minchin – Storm

  1. Martin Vermeer says:

    Eh, what choice language?

    BTW aspirin may be natural, but I have it from a good source that, had it been discovered today, it would be a prescription drug…

  2. Martin Vermeer says:

    This is what I call ‘inspired’… BTW the thing that gives me a hard-on, is not that you and I and Mr Minchin live twice as long as we would have in the old days — we’ve already survived the age of once outrageous infant mortality, which accounts for most of that. No, for me it’s that folks like Mozart and Riemann and Freddy Mercury would have lived twice as long as they did…

  3. Fragmeister says:

    David Mitchell read history but he is more scientifically literate than a good many science graduates. Ben Miller, of Armstrong And Miller, began a PhD in particle physics and has written a popular science book, “It’s Not Rocket Science”. There is a good crop around at the moment, as you said.

  4. Tyson Adams says:

    I was going to mention Ben Miller as well. Smart guy and the Armstrong and Miller show had this classic sketch on climate change.

  5. Maybe one could argue that it’s a little depressing that we live twice as long, and yet we still haven’t managed to surpass some of the greats of the past 🙂

  6. Yes, Ben Miller is another good example. Video didn’t work for me for some reason. May be a temporary glitch. Will try again later.

  7. Tyson Adams says:

    If it continues not to work, just search Armstrong and Miller and Climate Change and you’ll find it. I used it in my climate talks to discuss the difference between climate and weather.

  8. It’s working now. Although very funny, I can see some interpreting it literally 🙂

  9. Rattus Norvegicus says:

    Rather like the infamous (and funny) “No Pressure” campaign?

  10. Yes, that was rather an unfortunate (and short-lived) campaign. Can’t quite help laughing at the video, but can see why it was regarded as in poor taste.

  11. cynicus says:

    I missed “science works, bitches” somewhere. Otherwise, very nicely done!

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