Good grief!

I gather that there is a small group of people complaining (on Twitter mainly) about my moderation. Let’s make something very clear. It’s my blog. I do have comments and moderation policy pages, but I (and Rachel) get to decide if you’ve violated any of these. Yes, I do sometimes moderate a comment because it’s sufficiently inflammatory to lead to an exchange that I don’t feel like having to moderate, but that’s consistent with my policies.

I’ve had thousands of comments on this blog (yes, I’m as surprised as the rest of you) and I’ve moderated well under 1%. Nothing said on this blog (by me or anyone else) is so astoundingly insightful that others are missing out if it’s moderated and they aren’t able to read it. Also, if you think that what you have to say is so groundbreaking, you can always post it somewhere else. It’s not censorship just because I stop you from posting a comment on my blog, and I certainly don’t have to explain it, or make amends, if I do.

Now, if those complaining actually are just whiny teenagers going through a phase, then maybe I have some sympathy. If so, however, they probably shouldn’t really be commenting on a climate science blog. They should be out having fun and enjoying themselves. On the other hand, if they really are adults then they really should grow up. My children whine less than this and I can be a really mean parent (not really, that’s just for comic effect). Now I’m happy to start afresh if others are willing to do the same. If not then I’ll just keep moderating whiny comments. It’s just a blog and from what those who are complaining have said about me and this blog in the past, not a particularly good one. I’m amazed they’re even all that bothered, to be honest.

Given that I don’t want to discuss my moderation and comments policies, I’m not going to allow comments on this post. How’s that for consistency. 🙂

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