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Elements of truth

Originally posted on …and Then There's Physics:
Stoat’s recent post about peer review, reminded me that there was something related that I had been considering writing about. There appears to be many climate “skeptics” (deniers some would call them)…

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You’re doing it wrong!

I’ve noticed a bit more discussion recently about how to improve the quality of the climate debate; in the blogosphere at least. It’s certainly my view that it would benefit from being more civil and less adversarial. Having said that, … Continue reading

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I had considered writing about BICEP2 a little while ago, but wasn’t sure how much of what I knew was in the public domain; so thought I would wait a little while. It all seems to be out in the … Continue reading

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Bravo, Richard Tol, Bravo!

Richard Tol, Professor of Economics at the University of Sussex, has finally managed to publish his comment on Cook et al. (2013), a paper that illustrates the level of consensus – with regards to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) – in … Continue reading

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West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Peter Sinclair has a new video of the possible collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, or – more correctly I think – the early stages of a marine ice sheet instability. I include the video below and it’s well … Continue reading

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