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A possibly interesting tidal effect

I don’t really have the energy to talk about climate change at the moment, but did come across a paper that I thought some might find interesting. It’s by Steven Balbus and is called Dynamical, biological, and anthropic consequences of … Continue reading

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Open thread

Due to popular demand – ok, just one person 🙂 – I’m posting an open discussion thread. The topic is a recent post at WattsUpWithThat by Tim Ball called People starting to ask about motive for massive IPCC deception I’m going … Continue reading

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Maybe I mean it this time

I haven’t written a post for a while (well, for me at least) and it’s mainly because I’m just losing interest. I’m finding it harder to write posts and am not really all that motivated to do so. There are … Continue reading

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Nonlinear feedbacks

I’ve written a number of posts about the energy balance models (EBMs) used by Nic Lewis and thought I might write one more (sorry SB 🙂 ). In a previous post, Victor asked what I thought the reasons were for … Continue reading

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What else can you do with a GCM?

Since I’m tired/bored of the climate “debate” I thought I might write a quick post about something that’s related to climate change, but probably not particularly controversial. I came across a paper recently by Shields et al. (2014) called Spectrum-driven … Continue reading

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What am I missing?

I’ve written before about Matt Ridley’s recent article and posed some thoughts. Although I have a number of issues with what he suggests, my main one relates to how much warming he thinks we can expect by 2100. Matt Ridley … Continue reading

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Some thoughts

I’ve been commenting elsewhere about Matt Ridley’s recent article, but have probably contributed enough there, so will stop now. I did, however, have some views that I thought I might express here. Firstly, this whole saga does seem like a … Continue reading

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Come on, Matt Ridley, it’s not that difficult

Matt Ridley has a new article in The Times, called Spare me the selfishness of the eco-toffs. I appreciate that Matt Ridley may not have chosen the title, but I suspect I’m not alone in finding an article criticising eco-toffs, … Continue reading

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Antarctica is an amazing place for many reasons. It’s a pristine and exotic environment with scenery you’ll see almost nowhere else on the planet. It also has no permanent human habitation. The only reason we spend time on the continent … Continue reading

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It’ll never work!

The IPCC has released its final synthesis report. I don’t really want to discuss it in detail. Sou already has a post about it and Carbon Brief has a good summary. I thought I might comment, though, on a view … Continue reading

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