Seasons Greetings

Since tomorrow is Christmas, I thought I would briefly wish everyone (and I do mean everyone) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or whatever seasonal greeting seems most appropriate). My plan – which will probably fail – is to not think about blogging, or climate science, until the New Year, and to spend the next week or so probably drinking and eating too much – this plan will probably work, even if my first one fails.

I’ll leave you with a potentially appropriate rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas. Enjoy!

P.S. In case it isn’t obvious, please keep safe and drink sensibly 🙂

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25 Responses to Seasons Greetings

  1. Which language was that?

    Oh my, do not drink yourself silly because of those strange people on the internet. They are not worth it. Reserve that for the time your wife leaves you because you spend too much time blogging. 🙂

    The climate problem will be solved without them. There will always be enough countries willing to be the future and provide a market for renewable energy. That means quickly dropping prices and growth rates of 10 to 20 %. From the moment you start noticing it, to the moment the problem is suddenly solved will be just a few years. That is the power of exponential growth. (The only thing I worry about it that my national pension fund holds 10% in fossil fuels, they seem to be stubborn, which may mean that my pension will be 10 % lower as necessary.)

    Enjoy the holidays everyone.

  2. Victor,

    Which language was that?

    Ask Rachel.

    Oh my, do not drink yourself silly because of those strange people on the internet.

    Oh, I think there’s no real fear of that. I’m a bit of a lightweight these days 🙂

  3. Rachel M says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, AndThen and to everyone else too. I hope you didn’t mind me turning on the snow on your blog 🙂

  4. Rachel,
    To you and your family too.

    I hope you didn’t mind me turning on the snow on your blog

    Not at all, but it did take me a little while to work out what had happened.

  5. Rachel M says:

    Which language was that?

    I’ll be speaking that language in about 6-12 months 🙂

  6. Ah, it’s snow! I though my dandruff was playing up.

    Merry Christmas to all and sundry: and a Happy New Year!

  7. Brigitte says:

    Love the snow! And the language! Happy Christmas!

  8. jsam says:

    Seasons greetings to all of all persuasions. Just in case our Libertarian friends are feeling left out please select from one of our seasonal cards.

  9. Marlowe Johnson says:

    May your pole be straight, your feats be strong & your grievances be few. A day late but whatever.

    Seriously though ATTP thanks for all the work that you’ve put into this blog this year. The Internet is a better place for it.

  10. Infopath says:

    Happy Holidays!

    And thanks to ATTP and everyone else for making 2014 a much more interesting year than it would’ve been without this blog.

    (The snow’s great, btw.)

  11. Eli Rabett says:

    Carrot cake for all, and to all a good night!

  12. andrew adams says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks to our host for his sterling efforts!

  13. Joshua says:

    Happy Festivus to all!!!

    Now that we’ve had the airing of grievances (see the thread downstairs), on to the feats of strength!!

    Steve Bloom, you start.

  14. Henry says:

    Is there a way to disable the “Snow” effect?
    Thanks in advance.

  15. Sou says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, ATTP. And seasons greeting to everyone.

    I’m about to go out for Christmas dinner. Being topsy turvy and upside down, traditionally Christmas dinner isn’t at dinner time in Australia, it’s at lunch time 🙂 Here’s an Australianised Christmas song to show you how we celebrate:

    Travel safely and be happy, all.

  16. Rachel M says:

    Hi Henry,

    If you have a account then you can turn it off from your account settings page at Scroll down to “Snow” and untick the box next to “Show falling snow on blogs where it’s enabled.” It’ll be automatically disabled on the 4th January.

  17. Merry Christmas to all with a Christmas morning view through my window

  18. toby52 says:

    Happy Christmas to ATTP & All.

    Very Judeo-Christian, but I think this is the best Christmas message of all time. I was 16 when it happened and it still moves me in a way the Moon Landing could not.

  19. BBD says:

    Happy Christmas everybody, esp. ATTP who is a physicist with soul.

    Right, that’s enough sentimental guff. The killing will resume tomorrow, 08:00 sharp.


  20. Joseph says:

    I don’t know if you knew already but you did get a mention by Curry over at Climate Etc, She was complimentary but had to add a few jabs to even it out I guess:

    The most interesting new blog on the warm side is And Then There’s Physics. The subtitle of the blog is Trying – and sometimes failing – to keep things civil. Some of the posts are technical, but others discuss deniers, 97%, climate ball etc. Same perspective as SkS, but much better. The comments are relatively civil but very heavily moderated. Some interesting people go over there to comment, and ATTP is active on twitter (where he is rather uncivil).

  21. Joseph,
    Yes, I did see that. Not quite sure why she thinks I’m rather uncivil on Twitter. I did point out to Judith that maybe we have different definitions for the word “civil”. Was also quite impressed that only half of the comments that mention me said I wasn’t honest.

  22. Steve Bloom says:

    For Judy, lack of deference to her = uncivil.

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