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The Pliocene and the Pleistocene

Since it’s the school holidays and I’m spending some time at home, I thought I might write a short post about a recent paper by Martinez-Boti et al. (2015), that tries to compare the climate sensitivity during the Pliocene and … Continue reading

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Kozai-Lidov cycles

Given that I wouldn’t mind a break from the climate wars (although I don’t think I’m quite as cured as Stoat suggests he is), I thought I might write about something completely different. From 1958-1976, the Soviet Union had a … Continue reading

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Scientific civility and the climate wars

Partly because I managed to get my laptop to stop working (by spilling coffee on the keyboard) and partly because I don’t have much to say (well, not much that would be constructive) I haven’t posted for a few days. … Continue reading

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Guest post : Skeptics demand adjustments

This is a guest post from Steven Mosher, who is part of the Berkeley Earth (BEST) team. It’s motivated largely by the recent resurgence of claims of tampering with the temperature records, that I’ve discussed earlier. I won’t say anymore, … Continue reading

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Guest post : Label the behaviour, not the person

This is a guest post by Richard Betts who is Chair of Climate Impacts at the University of Exeter and Head of Climate Impacts in the Met Office Hadley Centre. The post is about the use of the terms denier … Continue reading

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Atmospheric Heat Engine

In the interests of unfanning (not actually a word, it would seem) the flames, or not fanning them any further, I thought I would write about what seems to be an interesting paper brought to my attention by William Connolley. … Continue reading

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There has been a rather extensive discussion on Twitter about hostilities in the online climate debate. It seems to have been partly motivated by the recent articles by Matt Ridley and David Rose, in which they complain about how they’ve … Continue reading

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