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Guest post: What would you do?

This is a guest post by regular commenter, AnOilMan. It’s rather personal and reflective, so please bear that in mind. I don’t have anything else to add, so will let AnOilMan take over. What would you do? Growing up, I … Continue reading

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Is this the latest tactic?

Willard has a contrarian matrix that is intended to illustrate the evolution of contrarian arguments. It certainly appears that it evolves with time, varying from it’s not happening, it’s happening but it’s slow, it’s stopped, it’ll be good, there are … Continue reading

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Alien invasion!

Despite being blocked by Roger Pielke Jr yesterday for pointing out that his righteous indignation appeared to be based on information that was not true, I thought I might still comment on his recent Guardian article about the risks associated … Continue reading

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Is the GWPF ‘avin a larf – again?

I’ve been doing quite a lot of cycling during our holiday, and today cycled over Duke’s Pass (a classic Scottish cycling route, apparently) and then cycled back around the Loch on the banks of which we’re staying. Very nice, but … Continue reading

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Rude and touchy

I’m off on holiday tomorrow. Just somewhere local, but it will be nice to get away and relax for a week. Some walking, some cycling, some relaxing and doing nothing, maybe a bit of eating good food and drinking nice … Continue reading

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Understanding versus Accepting

If there’s one thing about which even reasonable people can disagree, it’s science communication. The more I encounter this, the more I think that it’s often a misunderstanding about what others are actually trying to do. For example, a typical … Continue reading

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Mini ice age?

There was a press release from the National Astronomy Meeting – which I go to every couple of years – suggesting that the Sun will return to Maunder Minimum-like conditions during the 2030s. This has been picked up by some … Continue reading

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I’m back…sort of

I’m back from my conference, and – I have to say – I thoroughly enjoyed being away, not blogging and not Twittering (well, not much). One problem is that I enjoyed it so much, I really want to try and … Continue reading

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The Moon

I’m not yet back from my meeting, but I thought I would post this picture of the Moon that I took last night. It’s not quite as sharp as I would like, but you can at least see the structure … Continue reading

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