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Research Integrity

Stephan Lewandoesky and Dorothy Bishop (whose blog I used to read quite a lot, but haven’t for a while) have published a comment in Nature about Research Integrity, arguing that we shouldn’t let transparency damage science. It’s a complex issue, … Continue reading

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Record Warmth

Michael Mann, Stefan Rahmstorf and colleagues have a new paper on the likelihood of the recent warmth. What they’re investigating is the run of warm years we’ve seen recently – 13 of the warmest 15 years have happened since 2000, … Continue reading

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Mass Balance

I once again managed to get involved in a discussion on Judith Curry’s blog about the rise in atmospheric CO2. This time was slightly better than it has been in the past, as most seemed to at least agree that … Continue reading

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Watt about David Whitehouse

I realise Sou has already covered this but, since I haven’t done a Watt about post for some time, I thought I would also comment. The post I’ll be discussing is a guest post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) … Continue reading

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Water vapour and climate

Peter Sinclair has video interview with Andrew Dessler about water vapour and climate. The video doesn’t really say anything all that surprising. We are now reasonably sure that relative humidity remains roughly constant as we warm. This then allows us … Continue reading

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A possible “told you so” moment?

Originally posted on …and Then There's Physics:
There is increasing evidence to suggest that we may see an extreme El Ni?o event later this year, which could make 2015 the hottest year on record. Given that surface warming has…

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World’s oceans

I’m travelling today, so have a bit of time to briefly comment on this recent paper by Glecker et al. which suggests that Industrial-era global ocean heat uptake doubles in recent decades. One of the key results – shown in … Continue reading

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Holy Tu Quoque, Batman!

A bard walks in the Breakthrough Bar. While he waits for his Transgmoriffied White Russian, he eavesdrops one particular chit chat led by a cornucopian chemist, who explains how those against GRRROWTH are just a bunch of religious zealots. The … Continue reading

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A poignant essay

Although I find this a rather uncomfortable topic, I thought it well worth highlighting an article by Piers Sellers in which he discusses his thoughts about climate change, given that he has just been diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. … Continue reading

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Satellite temperatures

There have been a number of interesting recent posts elsewhere about satellite temperature. Most of this has been motivated by claims that the satellite data is the best data that we have and that it should play some kind of … Continue reading

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