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A global temperature

Eli’s post about some of Ross McKitrick’s blunders reminded me that I was involved in a discussion elsewhere when someone highlighted another of his papers called Does a global temperature exist? (with Christopher Essex and Bjarne Andresen). It’s rather old, … Continue reading

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Guest post: Invitation to participate in a PhD research project on climate blogging

This is a follow-up guest post, by a PhD student who is looking for people who comment at, or read, scientist-produced climate blogs, to volunteer to be interviewed as part of his research project. He is also interviewing those who … Continue reading

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Science communication: an illustration in irony?

There’s a new paper on public understanding of science called Communicating science in public controversies: Strategic considerations of the German climate scientists. Andrew Montford has already concluded that: scientivists have so completely corrupted the field that it is now largely … Continue reading

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#astroSH Haslitudes

Once upon a time, there was a valiant Prince who lived in a Castle, far far away. His penthouse dominated the highest tower, and his facilities covered the newly revised hierarchy of needs: In the comfort of his tower, our … Continue reading

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My previous post on research integrity was motivated by Stephan Lewandowsky and Dorothy Bishop’s article on transparency in science. This appears to have ended up being a rather more controversial topic than I was expecting, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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