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Climate Feedback

Climate Feedback is a site on which scientists grade articles about climate science. Not only do they provide comments, they also give a final grade, indicating the scientific credibility. For example, Chris Mooney’s article on what we’re doing to the … Continue reading


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Airborne fraction

Given the recent news that the rise in CO2 has greened the planet, I can see a new “skeptic” meme appearing. Essentially, I can see them arguing that both climate sensitivity is too high, and that nature will take up … Continue reading

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Matt Ridley doesn’t understand free speech

Matt Ridley is, once again, complaining that the climate change lobby wants to kill free speech (you can read it here). What it mainly seems to illustrate is that Matt Ridley doesn’t really understand the concept of free speech. One … Continue reading

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The TCR-to-ECS ratio

Something I’ve been interested in is whether or not the ratio between the Transient Climate Response (TCR) and the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) best estimates from most of Nic Lewis’s work makes sense. Typically his TCR best estimate is around … Continue reading

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We can never “know” anything

Judith Curry has waded into the consensus discussion by highlighting a post written by two people I’ve never heard of and – from what I can find – have no actual expertise in this topic whatsoever. Apparently the key point … Continue reading

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Time dependent feedbacks

There’s a very interesting new paper by Gregory and Andrews called Variation in climate sensitivity and feedback parameters during the historical period. The motivation seems to be to try and reconcile why estimates of the effective climate sensitivity using recent … Continue reading

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Three years!

Yesterday was the third anniversary of me starting this blog. I was going to post something yesterday, but it coincided with the release of our consensus on consensus paper, which seemed like it should take precedence. It’s been a very … Continue reading

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Consensus on consensus

Richard Tol’s consensus paper has finally been published. Richard’s paper can probably be described as taking all possible sets of numbers from all the various other consensus studies, and plotting graphs showing various possible levels of consensus, but without paying … Continue reading

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Climate targets

Oliver Geden is a climate/energy policy analyst at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs. I’ve written before about Oliver Geden’s views and have, typically, been rather unimpressed by what he presents. He’s even accussed me of misrepresenting him, … Continue reading

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One of the nice things about physics (well, I like it) is that you can often quantify things by making basic back-of-the-envelope calculations. Maybe a classic example of this is David MacKay’s book about renewable energy called Sustainable energy – … Continue reading

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