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Open thread?

I’ve never had an Open Thread, and this probably isn’t really one either, hence the question mark. I’m reasonably busy at the moment, and have less interest in this than I once had, so have been wondering what I should … Continue reading

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Full-depth OHC

Since my holiday is now over, I thought I might briefly comment on a recent paper by Cheng et al., called Observed and simulated full-depth ocean heat-content changes for 1970–2005. John Abraham, one of the authors, has already discussed it … Continue reading

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Still on holiday

We’re back from our camping trip, but am still on holiday. Haven’t quite worked out what to do for the next few days, but I’m sure we’ll think of something. We had a really good time camping in Northumberland. The … Continue reading

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I haven’t got really got anything to say other than we’re off tomorrow to go camping for a few days, and then I’m meant to have organised something else to do after that, but haven’t yet. However, I will probably … Continue reading

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Gergis et al.

There’s an interesting article in the Conversation by Joëlle Gergis in which she discusses the saga around a paper they initially tried to publish in 2012. The basic story seems to be that there was an error that was only … Continue reading

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Pseudoscience at UCL

I happened upon an announcement for the London Climate Change Conference 2016, which is to be held at University College London (UCL). The announcement not only contains a temperature graph that appears to have been drawn by hand, but those … Continue reading

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The Scientific Method

I was going to use a New York Times article about the Scientific Method, that Susan highlighted, to say something about the scientific method. From what I’ve seen, the response to the article has been mixed, but I’m going to … Continue reading

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