William Rowan Hamilton

A screaming song is good in case you need to scream. In case you need one to scream at anyone who’d dare to tell you that Science ought to kneel down to the Militaro-Industrial Complex to save itself, here’s one:

(Yes, Virginia, Verisatium is the screaming guy at the right.)

My best buddy lives near the Outremont park cameoed in the video. Tango dancers, who sometimes invade it, have been contacted for my next science communication project. Anyone has monkeys or Obi-Wan Kenobi quotes to spare?

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3 Responses to William Rowan Hamilton

  1. toby52 says:

    William Rowan Hamilton – Ireland’s answer to Isaac Newton, the Hamiltonian Operator is named after him, his “quaternions” were the first non-commutative multiplying entities, in vector algebra the Cayley-Hamilton Theorem commemorates him, while a student he made original discoveries in optics and was appointed a professor by Trinity College Dublin while still an undergraduate.

    I usually bring him to mind when my suburban train passes through the grubby little station at Broom Bridge (Dublin), where Hamilton carved his quaternion multiplication in 1843, on a walk out to Dunsink Observatory by the Royal Canal bank. A plaque commemorates the event. Through an unhappy marriage, Hamilton did take to the bottle overmuch, and probably shortened his life.

    Does he deserve this musical “tribute”? Shure, why not? I’ll now wait for “Arrhenius:The Musical”



  2. kevinboyce says:

    Be sure to wait for the post-credits easter egg!

  3. Russell says:

    It is a work of Genius, and should many yahoos much discomfort.

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