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Prospects for narrowing ECS bounds

I was just going to briefly mention a new paper by Stevens, Sherwood, Bony and Webb in which they present [p]rospects for narrowing bounds on Earth’s equilibrium climate sensitivity. The basic argument is similar to what has – at times … Continue reading

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It woz El Nino wot dunnit!

It looks likely that 2016 will end up as the warmest year in the surface temperature record. One question is whether or not the recent El Nino contributed significantly to this. As the figure on the right shows, if you … Continue reading

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Science wars, science crises, and wars on science?

There have been a number of recent articles (that I’ve noticed, at least) about science wars, the war on science, and a crisis in science. Judith Curry covered one, there was a comment about an unprecedented crisis in science in … Continue reading

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Watt about a 10th Anniversary?

When I started blogging about climate science, I mainly focussed on addressing what was said on Anthony Watt’s blog, Watts Up With That (WUWT) (and often started my post titles with the word “Watt”, as I’ve done again – for … Continue reading

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Negative emissions

I went to some Departmental talks recently and discovered that some of my colleagues are researchering possible carbon sequestration technologies. This could be very important, but appealing to negative emission technologies is often quite strongly criticised. The basic argument (which … Continue reading

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Non-linear climate sensitivity

Rather strangely, the recent Science Advances paper Nonlinear climate sensitivity and its implications for future greenhouse warming, that’s been getting some attention recently, made it into our Journal Club today (and it had nothing to do with me). It’s, consequently, … Continue reading

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Working with Trump?

Jack Stilgoe and Roger Pielke Jr have an article in the Guardian called They may not like it, but scientists must work with Donald Trump. My first impression was rather negative, but some on Twitter suggested that it was really … Continue reading

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What to say?

Another day, another surprising political result. I don’t really quite know what to say; this certainly seems to reflect a disatisfaction with some supposed political elite, but I don’t really understand why people think that voting for those who belong … Continue reading

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Sea surface warming and cloud feedbacks

I wrote a post a while agoe about a paper that was suggesting that the reason for the difference between the observationally-based estimates for climate sensitivity, and other estimates, was that the pattern of sea surface temperatures can produce different … Continue reading

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Ocean CO2 uptake – part 2

This is really a continuation of my post in which I tried to lay out the basic chemical reactions associated with the uptake of by the ocean. Nick Stokes has a similar post and has a nice online calculator. What … Continue reading

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