Four years!

WordPress reminded me that I started this blog 4 years ago today. Not really sure what to make of that. I’d like to think that I’d have some kind of insights to share, but I don’t really think I do. I’ve certainly learnt a lot, but – in some sense – I’m probably more confused than I was when I started; things I thought should be simple, clearly are not. On the other hand, some things seems clearer; we’ve had three record warm years in a row, Arctic sea ice has spent most of the last year at the lowest extent in the satellite era, atmospheric CO2 is heading towards 410ppm, and we’ve had bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef two years in a row.

I’m not really sure what else to say. Hope everyone has a good Easter break (whether you celebrate Easter, or not) and here’s a song I really like.

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18 Responses to Four years!

  1. Congratulations!! I hope that is the right thing to say.

    Just had a look, at the end of this month I am blogging 6 years. I may have been even more unprepared. When I started I thought no one would be interested in such an arcane topic as statistical algorithm to improve trends estimates based on climate station data. Didn’t even know there were people in need of some simple facts.

    My first post on homogenisation was almost a year later, not knowing how else to spread a press release for a new article outside of Germany. I first send the post to Pielke Sr.; I had organised his talk in Bonn and knew he had a blog. He send me on to Anthony Watts. He initially was interested, made because I wrote Pielke send me, but after reading the results Watts never came back to me. The rest is history.

  2. Speaking of Watts, VV, have you heard anything from Evan Jones lately and the vapor paper that Watts and Jones and whomever were putting together?

  3. Magma says:

    Well done, and congratulations on managing both interesting top posts and a thriving comment forum with a good signal to noise ratio and a well-calibrated level of snark.

  4. Nick Stokes says:

    Four more years! as the Americans say. Congratulations.

  5. oneillsinwisconsin, have you seen this.
    Not much, but it’s something.

    ATTP congratulations you’ve done a nice job over here.

  6. JCH says:

    When I was in Australia, I think 1995, we went to a fancy resort where they had all of these organized activities. One was at low tide. It was called reef walking… tip toeing through the exposed corals… pretty colors… wow factor… a long walk.

    Now it’s dying because sea level dropped because of El Niño?

    aTTP… always fun and informative blog.

  7. GC says:

    Well done – keep it going.

  8. Have not heard from the Watts et al. (2012) manuscript in a long time.

    There were some new results long ago, but no new manuscript to make sure that people could not critique the work.

  9. BBD says:

    Good god is it that long already? That’s almost discomfiting… But keep on rockin’ 🙂

  10. Susan Anderson says:

    Congratulations! You have proven that you are a gentleman and a scholar, a good writer, with great tolerance (almost too much) for trolls and random weirdos like myself. I’d like to add a compliment to Willard, whose quirky additions, which used to make me impatient, are often worth checking out. I owe my ownership of “Don’t Be a Jerk” (which, sadly, did not lead to a resumption of zazen, though I do try to back off once in a while).

    I opine that aTTP’s balance of knowledge and response is a fine addition to the annals of communication.

  11. Susan Anderson says:

    This might be considered a mite tacky, but I hope some of you can enjoy it:

  12. Steven Mosher says:

    4 years?

  13. Szilard says:

    Missing being young-ish in South Africa, back in the days

  14. Susan,
    I was in South Africa for a week during the 2010 World Cup and the atmosphere was fantastic (couldn’t get tickets to see any of the matches though).


    Missing being young-ish in South Africa, back in the days

    Indeed, a lot to miss. I haven’t listened to that song for ages. Thanks.

  15. I appreciate the civil, thoughtful tone that you have developed here. Well done, sir!

  16. angech says:

    Thanks for the effort put into blogging for the 4 years WP and longer. It is a great effort and appreciated by a lot of people, as shown by the comments from the people above who respect you and commentate here. Please keep going. There are far too few good blogs around to visit and learn things at like this one.

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  18. Paul Howarth says:

    Thanks for the blog. Much of the actual science is way above my pay grade, but watching the discussion process is fascinating.

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