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Climate Hawks

After a brief Twitter discussion with Ted Nordhaus (who authored the article I wrote about here) I came across another of his recent articles. It’s about Climate Hawks’s revealed preferences. The basic suggestion is that Climate Hawks don’t really behave … Continue reading

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The two-degree delusion?

Ted Nordhaus, of Breakthrough Institute fame, has a recent article in Foreign Affairs called [t]he two-degree delusion. Basically, it argues that we cannot possibly achieve this target without harming the poor, and that continuing to try and do so also … Continue reading

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Political Scientists

Gavin Schmidt had a bit of a rant on Twitter about some political scientists find[ing] ways to blame climate scientists for the lack of progress in CO2 emission reductions. We should dedicate February as #findaclimatescapegoat month as yet again some … Continue reading

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A challenge for my readers

John Cook and colleagues have new paper out about [d]econstructing climate misinformation to identify reasoning errors. The basic idea is to inoculat[e] against misinformation by explaining the fallacious reasoning within misleading denialist claims. and to [o]ffer a strategy based on … Continue reading

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Overhype much?

There has been quite a lot of news coverage suggesting that astronomer have, for the first time, discovered planets in another galaxy. It’s from a paper by Xinyu Dai and Eduardo Guerras called Probing Planets in Extragalactic Galaxies Using Quasar … Continue reading

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ECS from a modified energy balance approach

Andrew Dessler’s paper (technically Dessler and Forster), which he mentioned in this comment, has now appeared as a pre-print. Essentially, they use an energy balance approach to estimate equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS), but – as I mentioned in this post … Continue reading

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SciComm for the IPCC

There is a newly released Communications Handbook for IPCC scientists. It’s already been covered in a Guardian article and in a Realclimate post. There are six basic principles Be a confident communicator Talk about the real world, not abstract ideas … Continue reading

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