AGW in One GIF

An image is said to be worth a thousand words. A GIF encapsulates many images. This one may not cover all ClimateBall players said, but I like it:

AGW in One GIF

Which words would that GIF be worth?

If you got another illustration of AGW you like, go ahead. If you got something else to show, be my guest. Consider this an open thread.

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21 Responses to AGW in One GIF

  1. Willard says:

    To save you one click:

  2. jacksmith4tx says:

    Some good satire and comix on this thread at the Arctic sea-ice forum:,1197.msg208810.html#msg208810
    Lots of climate and science topics at the ASIF.

  3. Steven Mosher says:

    ASIF is the best

  4. Steven Mosher says:

    but moderation

  5. Canadian man tells kids to get off his tar sands

  6. Willard says:

    This one’s quite good:

    No wonder Gavin used it in his TED talk:

  7. Everett F Sargent says:

    AOC’s Green New Deal Posters Have a Very Old New Deal Look

    “f the posters seem at first glance to have a retro vibe, you’re not wrong, as the congresswoman confirmed in a follow-up tweet. The chunky all-caps type, the emphasis on places of natural beauty, and even the color palettes are intended to evoke posters produced nearly a century ago by a singular federal program in American history: the Federal Art Project, an office of the New Deal-era Works Progress Administration. (The program survived the termination of the WPA for a few years within a new agency, the Federal Works Administration.)”

    Wrong country, wrong era and wrong colors (no reds)! [Chill. -W]

  8. Willard says:

    Did someone say hockey stick:

  9. Willard says:

    Eric sends his regards:

  10. GoPro attached to Milky Way via long selfie-stick

  11. Ned W says:

    jacksmith4tx wrote: “Some good satire and comix on this thread at the Arctic sea-ice forum”

    I started that thread, with the first post back in 2015. My actual intent was to start a thread for friendly self-deprecating humor — i.e., for ASIF posters to laugh at ourselves. That concept didn’t survive, unfortunately, but the thread now has 1200+ posts and 320,000+ views.

    That said, I finally gave up on ASIF and stopped participating. Too many nut-cases and too few people who actually know what they’re talking about. It’s basically the non-evil-twin of WUWT.

  12. Ned W says:

    That said, I did have fun putting together the graphics in that first post… especially the map.,1197.0.html

  13. Willard says:

    Simon is not pleased about Niall:

  14. dikranmarsupial says:

    Here is my “AGW in one GIF” and it also involves t-rex

  15. dikranmarsupial says:

    I’ll get a twitter link right one day…

  16. dikranmarsupial says:


    There was actually a message: (i) we have known about AGW for a while (The Warming papers) (ii) the information you need is easily available and updated on a regular basis (the three IPCC reports) (iii) there are accessible introductions for the lay-person (Houghton) (iv) there are intermediate level (undergraduate) texts (Pierrehumbert) if you really want to understand the physics (v) if you want to see research level stuff, that is available as well (Carbon Cycle Modelling book – although a bit dated now). So there is little excuse for repeating canards.

  17. dikranmarsupial says:

    By staying on the t-rex theme:

  18. anoilman says:

    I don’t have it as a GIF… but have this as a poster in my office;

    If you like weird retro, give that guy a look. I still chuckle at the Royal Canadian Bear Force.

  19. Willard says:

    Nice dinosaur, Oil Man, but check out these greenhouses:


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