Cruel Crazy Beautiful World

Given the disappointing news of the last day or so, I thought I would highlight a song that I find suitably reflective.

You’ve got to wash with the crocodile in the river
You’ve got to swim with the sharks in the sea
You’ve got to live with the crooked politician
Trust those things that you can never see
You’ve got to trust your lover when you go away
Keep on believing tomorrow brings a better day
Sometimes you smile when you’re crying inside
Just once you’ll turn away while the truth be shinin’ bright
It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world
Every day you wake up I hope it’s under a blue sky

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42 Responses to Cruel Crazy Beautiful World

  1. Steven Mosher says:

  2. verytallguy says:

    This seemed most appropriate to me

  3. vtg,
    Probably reflecting our slightly different cultural upbringing 🙂

  4. verytallguy says:

    “Probably reflecting our slightly different cultural upbringing 🙂”

    My father’s the local church choir master and organist I’ll have you know.

  5. Everett F Sargent says:

    I haven’t a clue …

  6. Thanks much, ATTP. More beauty in the world is always welcome.

    Have a wonderful day, appreciated,


  7. Vinny Burgoo says:

  8. Greg Robie says:

    Speaking of crazy, English tweets re COP25 not showing up in Twitter search re browser Twitter App is crashing re search. Google News is at least a day late in what its rastering. What is the situation in UK & elsewhere?

    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself

    life is for learning so all my failures must mean that I’m wicked smart


  9. Steven Mosher says:

    when shit hit the fan I used to hum this song.

    until my employees figured out what “steve humming this song” meant.

  10. Those who can’t learn from history…

  11. Steven Mosher says:

    dk? are you a specials fan? who knew

  12. izen says:

    Another take on the the absurdity of life…

  13. Steven – wasn’t so much at the time (despite being from Coventry), but am now. Sadly I can see the issues behind that song cropping up again.

    On the other hand, this makes me think there is some hope for our species

  14. Steven Mosher says:

    haha dk. it was a great sound, big in LA when I lived there

    dude in this band worked the cafeteria at UCLA, so I got free tickets.
    In those days you could cross between the ska scene, punk scene and new wave

    our hero madam wong

  15. Greg Robie says:

    The ‘Wiz’s’ curtain

    “Technical Difficulties”

    The ‘Wiz’ is Wall Street

    There are no surprises for me regarding what is [continuing] to unfold in the COP process. The Paris Agreement, as I tried to point out here at ATTP, after COP21, was, at its core, a simple porting of Kyoto’s carbon trading mechanism, and with the role of science constrained to vetting these credits, into the process/play we are watching.

    This is a valid view, if behind-the-curtain, because of the rare/only(?) use of “Agree” within the Paris Agreement in Article 6, and the Agreement’s specified role for science (Article 4?), which made this inevitable. Wall Street’s sock puppet, the President of the United States, Barak Obama, and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, made pie crust promises concerning adaptation/Loss and Damages funding as part of their work to destroy a binding treaty which Wall Street could not live with.

    CapitalismFail’s ‘life’-blood is the ‘functionality’ of the debt Wall Street effects.

    US sovereignty was functionally, and unconstitutionally so, transferred to what are now called too-big-to-fail banks with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. US citizenry is fundamentally clueless regarding its lack of sovereignty; of the ‘Wiz’ behind its curtain.

    It is therefore incumbent on those who remain in the Paris Agreement to effect an economic boycott of the United States of America. The international conversation this will require will help some US citizens to peak behind the curtain. This may help wake up a piously privileged slumbering social sycophant to the nature of the beast whose teat it suckles.

    Since COP26 will be hosted by the UK in Glasgow in a few months, what an opportunity this is for the University of Edinburg to host the needed/rational conversation within Academia to effect a zero carbon business plan (without offsets) by 2025. Ken, working on this would be a far better focus for ATTP and your time (and better for your children). Those you host here likely have relationships with academic institutions as alumni, if not employment. Might we be less cruel, and delightfully crazy, to take the function of ATTP to a whole new level?

    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself

    life is for learning so all my failures must mean that I’m wicked smart


  16. Greg Robie says:

    The closing of the current Meetings, and, concurrently, opening of the iterations of these meetings, both surprises … and is brilliant (right down to the symbolic shift in where the opening statements of this next round is being established).

    Trump’s team must be soiling their diapers.

    As this next round of Meetings are continued, the US will have removed its obfuscation from the dynamics. And this is why it is imperative that academia must start walking its claimed knowledge … if it is to be heard.

    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself

    life is for learning so all my failures must mean that I’m wicked smart


  17. Greg Robie says:


    I’ve not reflected what I heard correctly. The eighth something or other was repeatedly closed and reconvened, and then the ninth whatever was convened and the President spoke from the podium. This seemed to allow all the spoken and written closing statements for the current COP to also be part of whatever it was that those last few minutes were also the ninth session of.

    My stream froze with Norway being recognized, so I did not hear what, I assume, became the adjournment of the 9th whatever.

    I’m hoping someone else was listening and can identify the meeting without me having to wait through 4 hours of streamed video to catch what I didn’t fully hear right.


    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself

    life is for learning so all my failures must mean that I’m wicked smart


  18. angech says:

    Is there a disturbance in the force?
    Shurley not.

  19. JCH says:

    Lewis and Curry? I think not.

  20. An_older_code says:

    I think this sums up my thoughts

    “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

    Maya Angelou

  21. angech says:

    “It’s a cruel, crazy, beautiful world
    Every day you wake up I hope it’s under a blue sky”
    Another day, another attempt to get model ECS matching the observations.
    Another rainy day.
    Darn those clouds.
    Thanks for a delightful non sequitur of a post and an insight into people’s taste, musical and otherwise.
    Have started watching some Korean and Japanese dramas in last two years thanks to introduction from videos shown here by one of your contributors to whom I am very grateful.

  22. If only they could sing as well as Greta’s mother :

  23. Everett F Sargent says:

  24. Joshua says:

    I found the following podcast – an interview wiith Saul Griffith, to be pretty interesting.

    Didn’t really seem to me to be same old, same old regarding ways forward for dealing with climate change…kind of a negotiated settlement among decarbonization and deprivation and growth…

    I haven’t seen before such a concise argument for why electrification is a viable and sensible short-term focus.

    I don’t see a transcript up yet – but will post it if one shows up (they sometimes do for Klein’s podcasts).

    I’d love to read responses….please don’t bother if you aren’t interested in responding in good faith (don’t waste your time with hippie-bunching and agenda-driven libz bashing, Jeff).

  25. John Hartz says:

    Nothing (except perhaps a funeral dirge) to sing about here…

    => Aboriginal people in Alice Springs say global heating threatens their survival
    => The town had 55 days above 40C in the year to July 2019
    =>.Central Australian outstations are running out of water
    => Poor quality housing in town camps cannot be cooled effectively
    => Indigenous leaders fear extreme heat will cause influx of internal refugees

    Too hot for humans? First Nations people fear becoming Australia’s first climate refugees by Lorena Allum & Nick Evershed, Guardian, Dec 18, 2019

  26. Steven Mosher says:

    waiting for the transcript
    hope it comes with citations and data

    But there is this

    “Instead of burning natural gas to make your coffee in the morning, you’ll have an induction range, which [can] be programmed to cook your coffee for you in a way that’s much easier. You’ll have better air quality, which will help cure things like allergies and severe asthma. You won’t have to worry about carbon monoxide anymore. You’ll be warmed by your radiant floor heating, which won’t give you that dry mouth in the middle of the night. The car will be charged overnight by renewables like wind. The rest of your house will be powered by the solar on your roof that day.”

    never in my life have I used natural gas to make my coffee. and I know of no coffee maker today
    that runs on NG. WTF? Better air quality in the US? we are at the point of diminishing returns except to things like dust and fires. worry about CO? who the fuck worries about that?
    radiant floor heating is great, folks have had it for hundreds of years in korea where it was invented.
    price tag for retrofitting every housing in the USA for radiant
    floor heating?
    easily over 1.5 Trillion.

    yes you can electrify everything. Time and money, FFS

  27. Steven Mosher says:

    First statement.

    Using the buildout of the national highway system as an analog for electrifying the nation is
    Not even close to the same challenge.

    Greenfield development in an era of limited regulation and surplus labor is not even close
    to retrofitting an existing system.

    Saul “Kiteman” Griffith. knows small things. never built a highway. His current kite system
    lost the kite. whoops, there goes your power! took him more than a decade to get a system
    feilded. Lost the Kite. Yet he has a vision for electrifying the nation in a decade. yup.

  28. Steven Mosher says:

    Hmm. Joshua I few minutes in he claims we are already destined to go past 1.5C
    ya might want to question that as some here do.

  29. Steven Mosher says:

    ok Joshua; Minute 23. I cant believe i am listing to this.

    1. We will need to “pave” the US with solar to the tune of the same area as the existing road
    structuture (around 1%)
    2. We build the natiuonal highway system in decades
    3. Therefore we can do this solar build out in a decade, but somehow america lost its ability
    to do shit.
    4. Kiteman tells us its completley doable.

    1. No plan
    2. No identification of the reasons why infrastructure has become so difficult
    ( we cant even build housing for fucking people in california, or a bay bridge for that matter)
    3. No plan for addressing these problems

    I Love entrepenuers. Visionaries are great. In the end sometines they end up sleeping
    on the factory room floor because their promises to deliver are blue fucking sky promises.
    but kiteman is smoking crack if he thinks it is doable in a decade.

    he also seems to think that USA is the problem.

    and just wait for Africa.

    More on the ‘war effort’ metaphor as misuses of that history as time permits

  30. Steven Mosher says:


    On Nuclear. 10,000 reactors, he argues are politically unreasonable.
    Of course the political factor in paving 1% of the US with solar was never raised.
    He’s correct about regulation driving the cost of nuclear up.

    Also thinks the cost of transmission is around 7cents per kwh and thus a the low floor for nukes
    hmm. not.

  31. Steven Mosher says:

    Minute 53: we need artists painting pictures of a rosy future! its not an information deficit
    its an deficit of visionaries! Like me!

  32. Steven Mosher says:

    Minute 57; the usa is more like 130 Million homes not 100 Million.
    typical visionary.
    color me un impressed.

  33. Steven Mosher says:

    Argg. 1:02. Pitches warm water radiant heating.
    for new builds its awesome ( remember I live in korea where it was invented centuries ago)
    but to retrofit 130M houses with hydro based radiant floor heating? Err not.

  34. Steven Mosher says:

    arrg. minute 1:09. Ezra’s version of trickle down. If america leads others will benefit and follow
    1:11:45: says something sensible: we ned to run experiments. Problem? no time.

  35. Steven Mosher says:

    I think you liked it joshua because he said non binary.
    I liked it because he said no regrets.

  36. “never in my life have I used natural gas to make my coffee. and I know of no coffee maker today
    that runs on NG.”
    There actually is one that uses propane. It’s for “campers” and is really expensive. People like me who actually camp just boil water for cooking and a French press, or set a percolator on the fire.

    * behold the propane coffee maker, which you will never find in any kitchen but is a nifty toy:

  37. angech says:

    Happy Xmas all. May all your wishes come true.
    Thanks ATTP for letting me post and DM for being unwavering and consistent.
    Willard for moderating the rare intemperate comment.
    2020 looks full of promise.

  38. Joy to the world, !
    Eight Five ain’t come !

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