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Outgoing longwave radiation

Something that often strikes me is that when I think I understand something quite well, there often turns out to be an aspect that I haven’t understood particularly well. I sometimes think that this is can be an important thing … Continue reading

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Scenario use in climate research

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you will be aware that I’ve commented on a number of occasions about the whole RCP8.5 issue. You may also be aware that one of the chief protagonists in that whole … Continue reading

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Chanting to the choir?

Before I head off to the office (or, more correctly, go from watching the news in the living room, to the dining room table) I thought I would briefly mention a recent paper that has analysed blog comments. It’s by … Continue reading

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Seven years

Once again, WordPress has reminded me that this is the anniversary of me starting this blog. It’s been going for seven years now. If you’re interested in numbers, I’ve written about 1080 post. There have also been about 20 Guest … Continue reading

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I have a feeling that our response to this pandemic may lead to some reflections on the role of scientific models in the decision making process. I would normally err on the side of defending scientific advisors, but I have … Continue reading

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Stay in your own lane?

Even though there are scientists who have the kind of expertise that might help us to better understand this pandemic, there’s a tendency to suggest that it would probably be best if they stayed in their own lane. Although I … Continue reading

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