Happy festive season

I was trying to find a suitably amusing Christmas cartoon that properly reflected the year we’ve had, but failed to do so. Instead, I thought I’d post a picture of a snowman that we made a good number of years ago (not much snow around here these days). I hope everyone has a very good, and safe, festive season. I will try to write a blog round-up before the end of the year. Shouldn’t be difficult as I haven’t posted all that much this year. Keep well!

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15 Responses to Happy festive season

  1. Everett F Sargent says:

  2. David B Benson says:

    Feliz Navidad

  3. Mal Adapted says:

    Happy Natalis Solis Invicti–the real reason for the season!

  4. anoilman says:

    Apparently 2020 Dumpster Fire Christmas tree Ornaments are popular on Etsy;

    I picked one up. Mine has LEDs to really bring warmth to the season.

    And in case you’re one of those people who put a fireplace on the TV set this time of year… there is this substitute;

  5. nottrampis says:

    It doesn’t snow down under. Our Christmas are stinking hot. At least this year it wasn’t as bad as previous years.
    I had one white Christmas in Canada and thought it highly over rated

  6. BBD says:

    HFS to you too 🙂

    – And all others present, of course.

    Oilman is right: a truly shite year with more effluent to follow, unfortunately. Still, at least a 2020-s worth of it is now under the bridge and heading off to an anoxic zone off time’s shore somewhere.

    Good post about the vanishment of STS btw 🙂

  7. Happy New Year.

    A radio show I often listen to normally has look back on the year. This year the skipped it, could not stomach it.

    How about a look forward to the glorious future of the UK? Now that Brexit is done and Britain will rule the waves again any time soon.

  8. BBD says:

    The shame is almost unendurable Victor. Please don’t rub it in. (Sort of joking; sort of serious – this eruption of rightwing lunacy and consequent dismantling of British democracy is just horrifying. All I can say is that one day, the muppets in charge learn the difference between sovereignty and power).

    That cess aside, HNY to you and yours too 🙂

  9. This Brexit is a democratic travesty. The vague Brexit was 50/50 against EU membership. There is no way this extreme Tory Brexit would gotten a majority in the referendum.

  10. anoilman says:

    BBD: Victor: I don’t think this thread is for Brexit, but the deed was done.

    I’m sort of surprised that the EU vote in and out isn’t at least 2/3. Quibbling over that last 1% of vote margin would hardly mean as much as a simple majority.

    I think the UK was better off in the EU, but I can see why people think leaving is important. What I can’t put together, is what they actually think they’ll get by leaving. Its not like the UK will have more control, and putting the entire country through years of investment killing indecision is just stupid. (And my favorite quip… the UK will remain EU regulation compliant to the hilt, and the UK would be silly to manufacture its own new regulations.)

    I kinda wish is had happened faster. I’d have visited after the economy damaging shock, and saved money.

  11. I am not quibbling about the last percent. Had the referendum been this extreme Tory Brexit against EU membership, the result would not have been close.

    Yes, better back to xmas wishes and climate.

  12. Victor,
    Yes, if there had more honesty about the likely impact of Brexit, or what might have to be accepted in order to get a trade deal, it would probably not have been as close.

  13. anoilman says:

    What actually did happen with the agreement?

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