Climate Change Chat for Realists

Steve Dondley, who used to run the Tony Heller, Exposed site has started a youtube channel called Climate Change Chat for Realists. He invites people to spend a couple of hours chatting about various aspects climate change. Previous guests have been Gerald Kutney, who promotes climate brawl on Twitter, Gale Sinatra, who is a Professor of Psychology and has just published a book on Science Denial, and John Cook, who founded Skeptical Science.

Steve invited me to take part in one of his chats, and we spent a couple of hours chatting on Sunday. It was live and I noticed that John Russell and Victor Venema were both listening. It was a fairly wide-ranging chat. One problem with that style is that it can be hard to prepare, but I think I managed to explain things reasonably clearly. Could have done a better job of explaining why the greenhouse effect isn’t simply due to the pressure of the atmosphere, but it is such a silly idea it can be tricky to even make the rebuttal sound coherent.

It was an interesting chat, and if any one is interested in listening, you can find the recording of our chat here.


Climate Change Chat for Realists – Steve Dondley’s youtube channel.

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3 Responses to Climate Change Chat for Realists

  1. dikranmarsupial says:

    I think one communication niche that isn’t well occupied is “reasonable, rational and relatively polite”, which I think you have made your own! Keep up the good work.

  2. “reasonable, rational and relatively polite”

    I think I do this reasonably well within science, but I have no idea how ATTP does it in the climate “debate” in the face of such a flood of industrially fabricated nonsense by deeply immoral bad faith actors. But the entire interview he did not slip up one time. Chapeau!

  3. russellseitz says:

    Very civilized- the host is on the ball

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