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Escape from model land

I listened to an interesting podcast that some of the regulars may find interesting. It was on the Volts podcast and was on the abuse (and proper use) of climate models. It is an interview with Erica Thompson, who has … Continue reading

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The PoNo Principle

In a previous post AT asked for a response to Hans’ piece. The gist dates from six years ago: besides the branding effort, the point behind these typologies is moot at best. Let’s be more specific. First, it is not … Continue reading

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Climate science as a social process

I came across a paper that might be of interest to regular readers of this blog. It’s by Hans von Storch and is a Brief communication: Climate science as a social process – history, climatic determinism, Mertonian norms and post-normality. … Continue reading

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The Escalator

One of the most well-known graphics from Skeptical Science is the escalator. It illustrates how contrarians tend to cherry-pick short time intervals so as to argue that there’s been no warming, while “realists” recognise the reality of long-term warming. A … Continue reading

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