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Tropospheric temperature trends

Roger Pielke Jr appears to have been pondering why it is that discussions, on social media, about the physical science of climate change (WG1 in IPCC-speak) has dissipated in recent years. There are probably many reasons, but amongst them might … Continue reading

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10 Years

I’ve just realised that this is the 10th anniversary of me starting this blog. We have family visiting, so am too busy to write anything substantive, but thought I would just highlight the anniversary.

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The Secret Square

People send me stuff {1}. Brandon Gates (whom I often refer to as BG) has been toying with the free version of ChatGPT. He grilled it about climate science. He also asked it about Climateball. The first response to “what … Continue reading

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How we frame extreme weather events

To maybe move the discussion on from the origins of Covid, I thought I’d write a post about detection and attribution. It is somewhat motivated by a brief dicsussion withTed Nordhaus, from the Breakthrough Institute, who suggested that a good … Continue reading

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