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Watt about Roger Pielke Jr?

Watts Up With That (WUWT) has a Weekly climate and energy news roundup in which they normally include a quote of the week. This week’s quote is by Roger Pielke Jr and is A difficult question for the climate science … Continue reading

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Poor Roger!

I wrote a post about Roger Pielke Jr’s recent Wall Street Journal article about his [u]nhappy life as a climate heretic, but it was rather long and rambling, so I can’t actually bring myself to post it. Instead, I’ll just … Continue reading

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FFS Roger, it’s an analogy

Roger Pielke Sr. has a guest post on Watts Up With That (WUWT) called a comment on Kevin Trenberth’s interview on February 17 2014 – an example of misrepresenting climate science. He’s referring to an interview in which the interviewees … Continue reading

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Scenario use in climate research

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you will be aware that I’ve commented on a number of occasions about the whole RCP8.5 issue. You may also be aware that one of the chief protagonists in that whole … Continue reading

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It’s dangerous!

There’s a recent Nature Climate Change article by Shinichiro Asayam, Rob Bellamy, Oliver Geden, Warren Pearce and Mike Hulme. It’s called Why setting a climate deadline is dangerous. The basic idea is that the rise in political rhetoric that sets … Continue reading

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I’m spending a couple of weeks in Vienna while attending a workshop on planet formation. Spent yesterday doing a bike tour, and wine tasting, in the Wachau Valley, and then spent today visiting some of the attractions in Vienna. The … Continue reading

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The debate has changed

I’ve been finding it quite difficult to think of things to post about. One reason is that I’ve been rather busy. Another, though, is that I think the debate has changed. It seems that there is more and more discussion … Continue reading

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The Honest Broker

In discussions about science and policy, it is quite common for people to refer to The Honest Broker, a book by Roger Pielke Jr. I realise that it is now a little old, but I’ve only just had the chance … Continue reading

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2018: A year in review

Well, it’s the end of another year, so I should probably do a round-up of what’s happened on the blog. The blog seems to be ticking along quite well, but I still don’t really know what I’m doing; I just … Continue reading

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Between conflation and denial

I’m on my way back from Cambridge, where I had a very pleasant evening with our Stoatness. I also happened to have a look at Climate etc., where Judith is promoting a new paper by Peter Tangney, a Lecturer at … Continue reading

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