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Science communication

I listened to one of Andy Revkin’s Twitter broadcasts with Randy Olson which discussed if science communication was worse now than it was 100 years ago. I’ve actually read most of Randy Olson’s book, where he introduces his 3-step model … Continue reading

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The goal of science communication

Since I’ve discussed research informing rather than influencing I thought I would briefly highlight a blog post I found about facts, risks, and emotions. It’s by Alex Freeman, who is the Executive Director of the Winton Centre for Risk and … Continue reading

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Science communication – again

There are a number of possible things to write about, but I thought I might have a brief rant about a topic I find of interest. A tweet by David Roberts (who I mostly like) caused a bit of a … Continue reading

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Science communication

I came across a Guardian article called why scientists are losing the fight to communicate science to the public. The only polite way I can describe it is missing the point entirely. The article was motivated by Brian Cox’s appearance … Continue reading

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Science communication

I’ve been away at a meeting for a couple of days and have been too busy to write any posts, or even think about what to write. Like Eli, however, I’m also still somewhat mystified by the consensus messaging wars. … Continue reading

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Science communication: an illustration in irony?

There’s a new paper on public understanding of science called Communicating science in public controversies: Strategic considerations of the German climate scientists. Andrew Montford has already concluded that: scientivists have so completely corrupted the field that it is now largely … Continue reading

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Science communication

I came across this video today and thought I would post it here. It’s Carl Sagan talking to Charlie Rose about science, the public and policy makers. Carl Sagan was, arguably, one of the best science communicators of the last … Continue reading

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The science-society interface

I came across an interesting paper by Dietram Scheufele on Thirty Years of science-society interfaces: What’s next, which focusses mostly on science communication. Although – as the article mentions – this isn’t the only possible science-society interface. Since I have … Continue reading

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The tragedy of climate change science?

Since my last post was about how scientists failed the pandemic test, I thought I might comment on another paper highlighting the tragedy of climate change science. The basic premise of the article is that society has failed to take … Continue reading

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