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Climate science as a social process

I came across a paper that might be of interest to regular readers of this blog. It’s by Hans von Storch and is a Brief communication: Climate science as a social process – history, climatic determinism, Mertonian norms and post-normality. … Continue reading

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The Escalator

One of the most well-known graphics from Skeptical Science is the escalator. It illustrates how contrarians tend to cherry-pick short time intervals so as to argue that there’s been no warming, while “realists” recognise the reality of long-term warming. A … Continue reading

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The Gulf Stream

Quite often in the media there will be articles claiming that global warming could cause the Gulf Stream to shutdown, or collapse. This is technically not correct, which is explained really nicely, in the video below, by Sabine Hossenfelder. Essentially, … Continue reading

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Plausible scenarios

New Scientist has a recent article about [t]he worst-case climate scenarios are no longer plausible today. This is a topic that has been covered here before, and is partly motivated by a paper discussed in this post. The basic premise … Continue reading

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Some more about Hansen et al.

I thought I would expand a bit on my previous post about the recent Hansen et al. paper. Something I did like is that the paper highlighted that there is no known paleoclimate analogues for the current anthropogenic forcing pathway. … Continue reading

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Hansen’s 10C

A recent comment asked about James Hansen’s recent paper in which it is claimed that equilibrium global warming for today’s GHG level is 10°C. I’ve finally had a chance to look at it and I think I understand what is … Continue reading

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Approximate net zero

Since I have a few free moments, I thought I would briefly highlight a paper by Jenkins et al. on [t]he Multi-Decadal Response to Net Zero CO2 Emissions and Implications for Emissions Policy. Recent IPCC reports have highlighted that limiting … Continue reading

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Bring back blogging

I came across a short article arguing that we should bring back personal blogging. The basic suggestion is that, for example, Twitter is failing and that personal blogs allow us to have more control over the platforms that we’re using. … Continue reading

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2022: A year in review

I normally try to write a summary of some of the blog posts I’ve written during the year, and would typically highlight a few posts from each month. However, I’ve written so little this year, that I thought I would … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing some reading, and listening to podcasts, to try and better understand longtermism. It’s currently topical because of its association with effective altruism (EA) and the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange. Some have been very critical of … Continue reading

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