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The Gulf Stream

Quite often in the media there will be articles claiming that global warming could cause the Gulf Stream to shutdown, or collapse. This is technically not correct, which is explained really nicely, in the video below, by Sabine Hossenfelder. Essentially, … Continue reading


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Plausible scenarios

New Scientist has a recent article about [t]he worst-case climate scenarios are no longer plausible today. This is a topic that has been covered here before, and is partly motivated by a paper discussed in this post. The basic premise … Continue reading

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Some more about Hansen et al.

I thought I would expand a bit on my previous post about the recent Hansen et al. paper. Something I did like is that the paper highlighted that there is no known paleoclimate analogues for the current anthropogenic forcing pathway. … Continue reading

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Revkin and Lomborg

I was listening to a podcast hosted by Lex Fridman with guests Andy Revkin and Bjorn Lomborg. The podcast was billed as a Climate Debate, but it wasn’t really. It was mostly two guest who seemed to largely agree with … Continue reading

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Giving up on 1.5C?

One of the talking points of COP27 is giving up, or compromising, on the 1.5oC target. The main reason is simply that the remaining carbon budget is very small. Essentially, to stop global warming requires getting human emissions to (net) … Continue reading

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Beyond Catastrophe

Since some commenters on my previous post have mentioned this, I though I might comment on David Wallace-Wells’ recent article in the New York Times. It’s called Beyond Catastrophe, and argues that Thanks to astonishing declines in the price of … Continue reading

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Responses to Considering Catastrophe

A while ago I wrote a post about a paper by Luke Kemp, and colleagues, suggesting that we should put more effort into exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios. There’s now been a response by Burgess et al. suggesting that Catastrophic … Continue reading

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No, a cherry-picked analysis doesn’t demonstrate that we’re not in a climate crisis

This is a repost of an article that I wrote for Skeptical Science, with help from @TheDisproof, who has been very active on Twitter debunking various climate myths. A group of Italian scientists recently published a paper in which they … Continue reading

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Considering Catastrophe

There’s been quite a lot of recent coverage of a paper suggesting that climate endgames, such as global societal collapse or human extinction, have been dangerously unexplored. For those who recall the contentious RCP8.5 debate, this may seem a surprising … Continue reading

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I should probably be writing about the UK recording temperatures above 40oC for the first time, but it’s been covered pretty extensively elsewhere. Instead I thought I might briefly mention something that I’ve become more interested in and have been … Continue reading

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