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The tragedy of climate change science?

Since my last post was about how scientists failed the pandemic test, I thought I might comment on another paper highlighting the tragedy of climate change science. The basic premise of the article is that society has failed to take … Continue reading

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How scientists failed the pandemic test

Philip Ball has an interesting article about UK science advice called [q]uiet, uncritical, obedient: how the UK’s scientists failed the pandemic test. It make some good points about there appearing to have been collusion between the science advisors and the … Continue reading

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2021: A year in review

I have typically done a year in review post that I normally publish on 31 December. However, this time, I forgot (despite Willard reminding me) so here is one I’ve put together fairly quickly. Apologies for being a bit late. … Continue reading

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Cumulative and (probably) irreversible

This post may be written more in frustration than anything else, but I’ve had some recent discussions that have made me wonder if even those who spend their time thinking/writing/commenting about climate change fully appreciate that it’s a cumulative problem … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and resilience

I’m starting to better understand why some reasonable people are often concerned about the way in which the impact of extreme weather events are sometimes framed. It’s quite well explained in this recent paper by Myanna Lahsen and Jesse Ribot … Continue reading

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No, it probably isn’t mostly due to changes in clouds!

I haven’t done a paper debunk for a while, but a reader got in touch to ask about a recent paper by Hans Rolf-Dübal and Fritz Vahrenholt, so I thought I would have a quick look. The paper is Radiative … Continue reading

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The Hack That Changed the World

After airing the movie, The Trick, the BBC has also broadcast a series of podcasts on Climategate called the Hack That Changed the World (H/T Dikran Marsupial). I’m not sure if all can listen to them, but I thought they … Continue reading

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The concept of net-zero

I’ve written about this before, but thought I might discuss it again. There seems to be a recurring narrative that the concept of net-zero is flawed. It might first have been presented in this article suggesting that the concept of … Continue reading

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It’s not too late

In the run up to COP26, the University of Edinburgh has had a series of conversations with researchers about how to make the world a better place through our actions, activities, innovation, research, teaching and learning. I agreed to be … Continue reading

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Science-based targets

It may just be my bubble, but I seem to be encountering quite a lot of criticism of things like deadlines, net zero and carbon budgets from people who – as far as I can tell – support aggressive climate … Continue reading

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