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THE GWPF’s annual lecture

Since I had nothing better to do with my afternoon, I watched the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s (GWPF) Annual Lecture, given this year by Richard Lindzen. If you really want to watch it, you can find the link here, but … Continue reading

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The time evolution of climate sensitivity

I wanted to just post this figure from a new paper by Philip Goodwin called On the time evolution of climate sensitivity and future warming. It uses a modified energy balance approach in which multiple climate feedbacks evolve independently over … Continue reading

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Linking climate change and extreme events

There’s an article in the New Republic called the media’s failure to connext the dots on climate change. I actually came across it via a blog post by Matthew Nisbet in which he argues that [Why] The New Republic is … Continue reading

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You only need about 60 surface stations

Since surface temperature changes are correlated over distances of about 1000 km (it does depend somewhat on the latitude of the stations), it turns that you only need about 60 stations to produce a reasonable surface temperature dataset. [Edit: As … Continue reading

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The #scicomm merry-go-round

Katharine Hayhoe has an article in Science about facts not being enough. It’s basically about how to effectively communicate to an audience that might have a tendency to reject the need to do something about climate change. As a result, … Continue reading

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Something about Tropical Cyclones

There’s an interesting Realclimate post discussing whether or not global warming makes tropical cyclones stronger. The basic answers is that we might expect the number of tropical cyclones (TCs) to decrease overall, but see an increase in the frequency and … Continue reading

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Sea level rise

There’s a bizarre article in the Wall Street Journal by Fred Singer called, The Sea Is Rising, but Not Because of Climate Change. It’s actually so bonkers that it’s quite hard to know where to start. I’ll give it go, … Continue reading

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