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Not even giving physicists a bad name!

When I’m trying to have a bit of a dig at physicists (of which I’m one) who think they somehow know better than climate scientists, I’ll post the cartoon on the right. When I came across this interview with William … Continue reading

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Guest post: On Baselines and Buoys

One of the key criticisms of Karl et al. (2015) is that it used a dataset that adjusted buoy data up to ship data – the suggestion being that, in doing so, they produced more apparent warming than if the … Continue reading

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Messing about with model-obs comparisons

I was just messing about with some model-observation comparisons and just thought I would post some of the results. I don’t claim that I’ve done these properly, so use with care. I will, however, explain what I did, so that … Continue reading

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Doing science

This whole furore about Karl et al. has got me thinking more about how we actually conduct science/research. There is, I think, a perception that doing science/research involves following a fairly well defined set of procedures about which there should … Continue reading

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Watt about four key charts?

I don’t look at Anthony Watts’s blog, Watts Up With That (WUWT), very often, but I glanced at it today and noticed a guest post called four key charts for a climate change skeptic. Anthony Watts’s pre-amble says Skeptics often … Continue reading

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A new baseline?

Ed Hawkins and colleagues have a new paper called Estimating changes in global temperature since pre-industrial times, which Ed also discusses in this post. The basic suggestion seems to be that we should probably be defining pre-industrial as the period … Continue reading

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