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Avoiding dangerous to catastrophic climate change

I haven’t really had much to say, hence the lack of posts. I still don’t, but I thought I would quickly highlight a recent paper by Xu and Ramanathan called Well below 2 °C: Mitigation strategies for avoiding dangerous to … Continue reading

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Prior knowledge

Something I have been bothered about for some time now, is how we best discuss climate change in the context of extreme events. Given the devastation from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, damaging floods in South Asia and Nigeria, and the … Continue reading

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Climate model tuning

I wrote a post about model tuning that discussed a paper that argued for more transparency in how climate models are tuned. Gavin Schmidt, and colleagues, have now published a paper that discusses the Practice and philosophy of climate model … Continue reading

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Extreme weather events

Gavin Schmidt had an interesting Twitter thread about discussing the link between extreme weather events and climate change. I’ve included an image of the thread on the right (click on it to expand) but the basic suggestion (with which I … Continue reading

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Early 20th century warming

I’ve been involved in a discussion on another blog (which I won’t highlight) about there being a period of warming in the early 20th century that seems comparable to the warming we’ve experienced since about 1980. This is a somewhat … Continue reading

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Machine unlearning

Someone sent me a paper by John Abbot and Jennifer Marohasy called the application of machine learning for evaluating anthropogenic versus natural climate change. Their conclusion is that most of the observed warming could be natural and that the Equilibrium … Continue reading

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Kate Marvel on clouds

Although we are confident that adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere will cause the planet to warm, exactly how much we will warm is uncertain (the IPCC likely range for a doubling of atmospheric CO2 is 1.5oC to 4.5oC). A … Continue reading

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