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I’ve been away for a week (more about this later, maybe), so haven’t had a chance to post anything. It has been a fairly warm week here in the UK, so it’s seem worth mentioning a recent paper about the … Continue reading

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We might not be certain, but…..

Bret Stephens, the newly appointed Op-Ed writer for the New York Times, has released his first column to much criticism. It’s a rather strawman-laden column in which he essentially argues that it’s okay to doubt climate science, and/or climate policy, … Continue reading

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Maybe we really are screwed

I may regret writing this post, but here goes anyway. Although some probably disagree, and I don’t always succeed, I do try to maintain a sense of scientific credibility; include caveats, acknowledge uncertainty, recognise that we really can’t “know” anything, … Continue reading

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2015 blog summary

I realise that I’ve already written a review of 2015, but partly as a result of Willard’s comments, and partly as a result of Stoat’s post, I realised that I hadn’t really summarised the blog activity. So, here it is; … Continue reading

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Show me slowly what I only know the limits of

Some observations on some recent quick turns around the Disaster Tango dance floor: In discussing how we should think about the most extreme severe events, I suggested that we focus on a collective look at recurrence times. This suggestion, though … Continue reading

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