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2022: A year in review

I normally try to write a summary of some of the blog posts I’ve written during the year, and would typically highlight a few posts from each month. However, I’ve written so little this year, that I thought I would … Continue reading

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Victor Venema

I was going to write a Christmas post but have just discovered, through Sou and Frank Sonntag on Mastodon, that Victor Venema died suddenly. Victor was a researcher at the University of Bonn and worked on homogenising climate data. He … Continue reading

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The role of mathematical modelling

Christina Pagel and Kit Yates have an article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) on the Role of mathematical modelling in future pandemic response policy. It’s part of a series in the BMJ on the UK’s covid-19 inquiry. I have … Continue reading

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Some news

One reason things have been quite quiet here is that I’ve taken on a new role at work. I’ve just started as Head of the Institute for Astronomy, which is part of the School of Physics and Astronomy, University of … Continue reading

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Considering Catastrophe

There’s been quite a lot of recent coverage of a paper suggesting that climate endgames, such as global societal collapse or human extinction, have been dangerously unexplored. For those who recall the contentious RCP8.5 debate, this may seem a surprising … Continue reading


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The science-society interface

I came across an interesting paper by Dietram Scheufele on Thirty Years of science-society interfaces: What’s next, which focusses mostly on science communication. Although – as the article mentions – this isn’t the only possible science-society interface. Since I have … Continue reading

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An international solar geoengineering non-use agreement

I wrote about Solar Radiation Managment, or solar geoengineering, earlier this year. It’s become a rather contentious topic, with some regarding it as worth exploring, and others almost seeming to regard it as something we should avoid at all costs. … Continue reading

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Seasons greetings

Just a quick post to wish everyone seasons greetings. For those who celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a really enjoyable, and festive, day tomorrow (or, today, in some parts of the world). For those who have some spare time … Continue reading

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Climate Change Chat for Realists

Steve Dondley, who used to run the Tony Heller, Exposed site has started a youtube channel called Climate Change Chat for Realists. He invites people to spend a couple of hours chatting about various aspects climate change. Previous guests have … Continue reading

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Vulnerability and resilience

I’m starting to better understand why some reasonable people are often concerned about the way in which the impact of extreme weather events are sometimes framed. It’s quite well explained in this recent paper by Myanna Lahsen and Jesse Ribot … Continue reading

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