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Big news in the climate blogosphere!

I guess the big news in the climate blogosphere is that Judith Curry has resigned (retired from?) her tenured faculty position at Georgia Tech. One reason appears to be that Judith is disenchanted with today’s academia. I actually have some … Continue reading

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Science wars, science crises, and wars on science?

There have been a number of recent articles (that I’ve noticed, at least) about science wars, the war on science, and a crisis in science. Judith Curry covered one, there was a comment about an unprecedented crisis in science in … Continue reading

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A new exoplanet!

You might think I’m going to discuss the newly discovered explanet around Proxima Centauri, but – no – that’s pretty much been done to death. Instead, I thought I might tell you about our paper that was accepted on the … Continue reading

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On transparency

A while ago I wrote a post about a Nature commentary on Research Integrity and transparency, by Stephan Lewandowsky and Dorothy Bishop. Warren Pearce and colleagues wrote a brief response and have since expanded on this in a blog post. … Continue reading

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A little surprised it took this long

After writing about the Terence Mills affair I popped across to Bishop Hill to point out that Mill’s ideas were mostly nonsense. This then lead to a rather lengthy exchange about me posting comments during working hours (I think it … Continue reading

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My previous post on research integrity was motivated by Stephan Lewandowsky and Dorothy Bishop’s article on transparency in science. This appears to have ended up being a rather more controversial topic than I was expecting, so I thought I would … Continue reading

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Research Integrity

Stephan Lewandoesky and Dorothy Bishop (whose blog I used to read quite a lot, but haven’t for a while) have published a comment in Nature about Research Integrity, arguing that we shouldn’t let transparency damage science. It’s a complex issue, … Continue reading

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