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Ignoring adaptation?

Oren Cass has an article in the Wall Street Journal called Doomsday climate scenarios are a joke. It’s based on a report that he has written for the Manhattan Institute. The Manhattan Institute publishes a magazine called the City Journal … Continue reading

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The two-degree delusion?

Ted Nordhaus, of Breakthrough Institute fame, has a recent article in Foreign Affairs called [t]he two-degree delusion. Basically, it argues that we cannot possibly achieve this target without harming the poor, and that continuing to try and do so also … Continue reading

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You can’t negotiate with Physics

In the comments on my previous post Rachel mentioned a recent article by Bill McKibben called we can’t negotiate over the physics of climate change. Given that he makes an argument that’s similar to what I’ve said myself, I should … Continue reading

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I commented in yesterday’s post that I’d like to understand the actual impacts of anthropogenic climate change better than I currently do. It’s one thing to understand that if we continue to increase our emissions, we’ll continue to warm, sea … Continue reading

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Adaptation, mitigation, or both?

I’ve been trying (and maybe failing) to mainly discuss science, and to not delve too much into the specifics of climate policy. However, I have found it interesting that the rhetoric associated with climate policy appears to be changing somewhat. … Continue reading

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