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Just grow up!

Amelia Sharman and Candice Howarth have a Conversation article about losing the climate debate labels. This is related to discussions we’ve had here and elsewhere. Fundamentally, I agree with the basic premise: serious dialogue generally requires that you avoid labeling … Continue reading


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I think one reason I’ve been a little frustrated recently is because of a sense that some think there is some kind of balance between “alarmists/warmists” and “skeptics” (the terminology is awful, but I don’t really know what other words … Continue reading

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On being alarmed

The Climate Change National Forum has a new Fact Checker section. I think the idea is to post news articles about climate change and allow the scientists involved in the Climate Change National Forum to comment. It sounds like a … Continue reading

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Too alarmist?

I’m posting the video below for two reasons. One is that I’m interested in people’s views as to whether it is too alarmist or not? I like what I’ve seen of Thom Hartmann, but the video is clearly (both through … Continue reading

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