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Revisiting causality using stochastics

The Proceedings of the Royal Society A has just published two papers by Koutsoyiannis et al. on revisiting causality using stochatics, the first being the theory paper and the second presenting some case studies. One of the case studies in … Continue reading

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Earth System Sensitivity and things

There was a recent paper about the Evolution of global temperature over the past two million years. The reason it is controversial is not because it produces a global temperature reconstruction for the last 2 million years, but because it … Continue reading

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CO2 forcing observed from surface

I thought I would post this video illustrating the first time that a change in CO2 forcing has been observed from the ground. The paper is an Observational determination of surface radiative forcing by CO2 from 2000 to 2010 by … Continue reading

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The CO2 control knob fallacy?

Judith Curry has a recent post called CO2 ‘control knob’ fallacy (?). Admittedly there is a bracketed question mark at the end, but I get the impression that Judith thinks that using the term ‘control knob’ when referring to CO2 … Continue reading


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Dangerously low levels of carbon dioxide!

I was going to write something about a recent Pierre Gosselin post on NoTricksZone called Atmospheric CO2 concentrations at 400 ppm are still dangerously low for life on Earth. The post ends with No one disputes that man’s activities have … Continue reading

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