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Talking about pseudoscience does not always bore me, but it often does. Not because it begs a far from obvious question, but because of its unsexiness. This kind of talk belongs to what I shall call, in honor of the famous WPM International, SpeedoScience: SpeedoScience. N. An activity where … Continue reading

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Open thread?

I’ve never had an Open Thread, and this probably isn’t really one either, hence the question mark. I’m reasonably busy at the moment, and have less interest in this than I once had, so have been wondering what I should … Continue reading

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Three years!

Yesterday was the third anniversary of me starting this blog. I was going to post something yesterday, but it coincided with the release of our consensus on consensus paper, which seemed like it should take precedence. It’s been a very … Continue reading

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One year

Tomorrow is the anniversary of my first post on this blog. It’s been an interesting year. I’ve learned a lot, about myself, about others, and about climate science. I’d really like to say that I’ve become more optimistic and less … Continue reading

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What’s it for?

My previous post on The BBC and its balance was another one that seemed to generate quite a bit of interest and quite a few comments. There were a couple of stages where the comment thread got slightly out of … Continue reading

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