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What is it with journalists and AGW?

I managed to get blocked by Peter Hitchens last night. Apparently I’m an intolerant, arrogant, fanatic, who was a little bit patronising. The irony was that the exchange started with him ranting at me was because I had the temerity … Continue reading

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Matt Ridley on filters

I was following the responses – on Twitter – to Matt Ridley promoting Christopher Booker’s latest piece of nonsense. In doing so, I discovered that Matt Ridley recently wrote an article in The Times, called ET hasn’t phoned, but don’t … Continue reading


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How many times do we have to do this?

I’ve just discovered that the Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF) have enlisted top scientists to examine adjusted global warming figures. Their justification seems to be two articles by Christopher Booker, which just goes to show that when I think that … Continue reading

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Guest post : Skeptics demand adjustments

This is a guest post from Steven Mosher, who is part of the Berkeley Earth (BEST) team. It’s motivated largely by the recent resurgence of claims of tampering with the temperature records, that I’ve discussed earlier. I won’t say anymore, … Continue reading

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Monckton doubles down – again!

Recently, I wrote a post pointing out major issues with Monckton et als. recent paper. Stoat thinks it’s complete trash. Arthur Smith has an excellent post discussing real problems with Monckton’s equations. Jan Perlwitz has a post pointing out that … Continue reading

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Puerto Casado

Christopher Booker has a new article in the The Telegraph called Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with flawed data on global warming. The title alone should be enough to convince anyone sensible that it isn’t really … Continue reading

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The secretive Royal Society

I wrote. a couple of days ago, about Nigel Lawson’s meeting with the Royal Society. The meeting was apparently held under Chatham House Rules. This means that those involved can use the information presented at the meeting but cannot disclose … Continue reading

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