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Scientists need to….

There was a recent article by Roger Highfield called Scientists need to ditch tribalism and stop shouting down outsiders. It was mostly an interesting interview with Hannah Fry who said I think that scientists and science supporters often close ranks … Continue reading


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The calibre of climate “skepticism”

I’ve been largely staying out of the blog wars, but thought I might delve back in for a while and highlight a relatively new venture in climate “skepticism”. It’s a blog called Climate Skepticism and is run by a number … Continue reading

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Scientific civility and the climate wars

Partly because I managed to get my laptop to stop working (by spilling coffee on the keyboard) and partly because I don’t have much to say (well, not much that would be constructive) I haven’t posted for a few days. … Continue reading

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A new tagline?

I’m starting to think that it may be time for a new tagline. It’s not that I don’t intend to continue trying to keep things civil, it’s more that my tagline seems to be more a rod for my back, … Continue reading

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