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Climate scepticism in the UK

I came across a book called Climate Change Scepticism: A transnational ecocritical analysis, by Greg Garrard, Axel Goodbody, George Handley, and Stéphanie Posthumus. The reason I found it interesting is that it includes a chapter on Climate Scepticism in the … Continue reading


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Honesty and hypocrisy

Now, I should probably just ignore this, but sometimes I do just have enough, so here goes nothing. Paul Matthews, who is a Mathematician at the University of Nottingham has spent the last year or so claiming that I’m a … Continue reading

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The only response, so far, to our article climate change is real, and important is here, on a site I suspect many regard as having a title that is slightly disingenuous. The main crticism of our article was simply the … Continue reading

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Climateball(TM): re-energised

Apart from writing some blog posts here (and thanks to MT and others, I’ve had to write fewer than normal) I’ve largely been staying out of the whole online climate debate; ignoring the ClimateballTM mantra that the only losing move … Continue reading

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