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Speaking out

Bill McGuire, who is Professor Emeritus of Geophysical & Climate Hazards at UCL, has written a post suggesting that climate scientists should speak out more and that they should Come down off the fence and choose the path you know, … Continue reading

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A defense of science?

Susan highlighted a New York Times article about Bruno Latour, that I had actually seen and had been considering writing about. I have written about Bruno Latour before and I’m still not sure what to make of this article. One … Continue reading

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Climateball, GWPF style

I came across a Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) post called climate scientists shoot the messenger. That it’s from the Forum, rather than the Foundation, may be relevant. It discusses the recent Millar et al. paper (that I discussed here … Continue reading

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Practice what you preach?

I wanted to comment briefly on a recent paper which concludes that recommendations made by climate researchers are followed when they practice what they preach. This seems pretty obvious to me; if you’re going to make specific suggestions, then people … Continue reading

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Socially constructed silence?

There’s an interesting article discussing some research that seems to suggest that there is a socially constructed silence. The basic suggestion seems to be that [t]he scientific community is profoundly uncomfortable with the storm of political controversy that climate research … Continue reading

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Censoring their own research?

This is going to be my last post about the whole 2oC pathways issue, I promise 🙂 I was wanting, however, to discuss this Washington Post article called The magic number. It quotes Kevin Anderson, whose work I’ve discussed before. … Continue reading

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Oliver Geden has suggested that I misrepresented him in my earlier post. Rather than explaining why, he tweeted one his papers and suggested I should read it, rather than base my views on short quotations. Well, I have, and still … Continue reading

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Subverting democracy?

I thought I would briefly discuss this Nature comment called Climate policy: Democracy is not an inconvenience. I initially read it and tweeted it, thinking “yes, democracy is important and not an inconvenience”. I then read it again and thought, … Continue reading

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Calling out alarmism

It was quite interesting to observe some of the defenses of yesterday’s Sun article by a wannabee journalist. One was that it somehow compensated for alarmism in the media. Well, that you think someone else’s article is wrong, doesn’t make … Continue reading

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Guest post: Climate variability research: did the sceptics make us do it?

This is a guest post by Prof. Richard Betts, Head of Climate Impacts at the Met Office, about Lewandowsky et al’s forthcoming paper, which suggests that climate skeptics influence climate scientists. The post speaks for itself, so I won’t say … Continue reading

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