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Consensus messaging – again

I’ve written before about my views with respect to consensus messaging. It seems to be a topic that divides opinion, but there was a recent paper suggesting that perceived scientific agreement is an important gateway belief, ultimately influencing public responses … Continue reading

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Every Friday morning, someone at my Institute gives a short talk, while everyone else drinks coffee and eats doughnuts (well, the doughnuts are actually hidden till the end, so that everyone who wants a doughnut has to stay for the … Continue reading

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Consensus messaging – a follow up

I’m away on a family trip, so don’t have time to write anything much. As a follow up to my earlier post about consensus messaging I thought I would quickly highlight a new paper on Communicating the Scientific Consensus on … Continue reading

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Consensus messaging

I haven’t paid much attention to Dan Kahan’s work, but recently noticed a post on his blog about the *public consensus* on what climate scientists think about human-caused global warming. The basic premise seems to be that although your political … Continue reading

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