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I’m confused….

Recently, Warren Pearce and colleagues published a paper called [b]eyond climate consensus which I wrote about here. There was a response from John Cook, one from Naomi Oreskes, and a Guardian article by multiple authors. Pearce et al. have now … Continue reading

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Beyond climate consensus

I’ve had a chance to read the recent Beyond Climate Consensus paper by Warren Pearce, Reiner Grundmann, and colleagues. I’ve only just realised that it cites my blog, which might be a first. The paper itself is a Commentary, rather … Continue reading

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Consensus on consensus

Richard Tol’s consensus paper has finally been published. Richard’s paper can probably be described as taking all possible sets of numbers from all the various other consensus studies, and plotting graphs showing various possible levels of consensus, but without paying … Continue reading


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More nonsense – sorry, nonsensus – from Richard Tol

Richard Tol apparently has a new comment about Cook et als. paper Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature. The basic motivation is that Cook et al. (2013) seem to be an outlier in the consensus … Continue reading

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