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97% vs 99.99%

We’ve just had another consensus paper published. The paper is called Does It Matter if the Consensus on Anthropogenic Global Warming Is 97% or 99.99%? (pre-print here). The lead author is Andy Skuce, who has a nice post about it. … Continue reading

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Red Team vs Blue Team

Having some kind of Red Team exercise, to test and challenge the climate science consensus, seems to be gaining a small amount of momentum. Steve Koonin (who I have discussed before) has an article in the Wall Street Journal called … Continue reading

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Intellectual monocultures

I came across an article that I’ve been thinking about for a few days. I thought I would simply post some thoughts. They may not be well-formed, and my views could certainly change. I should say that I got it … Continue reading

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On Bullshit!

Apologies to my more sensitive readers, but I thought I would post this short video by Harry Frankfurt, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University. I believe that the origin of this is quite old, but – given that he … Continue reading

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Consensus messaging – again

I’ve written before about my views with respect to consensus messaging. It seems to be a topic that divides opinion, but there was a recent paper suggesting that perceived scientific agreement is an important gateway belief, ultimately influencing public responses … Continue reading

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We can never “know” anything

Judith Curry has waded into the consensus discussion by highlighting a post written by two people I’ve never heard of and – from what I can find – have no actual expertise in this topic whatsoever. Apparently the key point … Continue reading

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Richard Tol has another article about how claims of a scientific consensus don’t stand up (you can read it here if you really want to). It’s the standard message that he’s been promoting for quite some time now and I … Continue reading

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