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Social science

On a number of occasions I’ve seen suggestions that those who want to communicate the seriousness of climate change, should aim to understand the social sciences and should listen more to social scientists. I’m well aware that there’s much about … Continue reading

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Out of the lab and into the field?

This is probably going to be another of those rather confused posts, which doesn’t really say much and in which I illustrate my own confusion, more than anything else. I’ve been reading (a few times, now) a Nature article by … Continue reading

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Consensus messaging – a follow up

I’m away on a family trip, so don’t have time to write anything much. As a follow up to my earlier post about consensus messaging I thought I would quickly highlight a new paper on Communicating the Scientific Consensus on … Continue reading

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Consensus messaging

I haven’t paid much attention to Dan Kahan’s work, but recently noticed a post on his blog about the *public consensus* on what climate scientists think about human-caused global warming. The basic premise seems to be that although your political … Continue reading

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