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Airtime for policy experts

As I discussed in this post, there’s been a lengthy discussion on Twitter about climate scientists publicly discussing policy/solutions. In response to this, David Roberts tweeted the following: I think a) the over-reliance on climate scientists to do all the … Continue reading


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If it’s a fight?

I’ve had very little to say recently, and still don’t have much to say. However, just to keep things ticking over, I thought I would highlight this David Roberts article called [c]onservatives probably can’t be persuaded on climate change. So … Continue reading

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We don’t even agree on the basics

I haven’t written anything for a while, mainly because I’ve been busy, but partly because I haven’t really had anything to say. I think I’m finding it harder and harder to put the effort in because I don’t quite see … Continue reading

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Zero emissions

David Roberts has a recent post that I’ve only just noticed called why zero is a better climate target than 2 degrees. The zero refers to net global emissions, not to temperature. The argument is essentially that zero is a … Continue reading

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Consilience of the evidence

I was wanting to briefly highlight a David Roberts post called the two key points that climate “skeptics” miss. I was only going to comment on one of the points, which was about the convergence of all the evidence, typically … Continue reading

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On being alarmed

The Climate Change National Forum has a new Fact Checker section. I think the idea is to post news articles about climate change and allow the scientists involved in the Climate Change National Forum to comment. It sounds like a … Continue reading

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