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Climate communication

Doug McNeall recently gave a talk about surviving the climate communication environment, which he discusses in this post. A lightly edited version of the slides are available here. The slides, of course, don’t tell you precisely what was said in … Continue reading

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They’re coming for climate scientists!

Doug McNeall had a bit of a tweet-storm yesterday about some personal thoughts on communicating climate science, which he titled So, they’re coming for climate scientists (hence, my title). It caused some discussion on Twitter, and on another blog, to … Continue reading

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Calling out alarmism

It was quite interesting to observe some of the defenses of yesterday’s Sun article by a wannabee journalist. One was that it somehow compensated for alarmism in the media. Well, that you think someone else’s article is wrong, doesn’t make … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on internal variability

Given that there’s been some discussion about internal variability in my previous post, and because there seems to have been interest elsewhere, I thought I would post some thoughts. A paper I was reading recently is Internal variability of Earth’s … Continue reading

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Pause for thought?

There’s a cleverly worded commentary in Nature Climate Change by Ed Hawkins, Tamsin Edwards, and Doug McNeall called Pause for thought. The article starts with The recent slowdown (or ‘pause’) in global surface temperature rise is a hot topic for … Continue reading

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Science and policy

Tamsin Edwards wrote an article for the Guardian yesterday called Climate scientists must not advocate particular policies. After reading the article, I largely agreed and wrote the first comment. My main issue with the article was the idea that scientists … Continue reading

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